Accessibility Guide

Visit England – Accessibility Guide for “Victoria House.”


We have tried to provide as much information as possible, if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to call. We look forward to welcoming you.


  • We have a website
  • Bookings / enquiries can be made via the phone or e-mail.
  • The nearest bus stop in the town is 300 meters from the entrance.
  • The nearest train station (Buxton) is 10 miles away; there are accessible taxis at the  station.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

  • There is a car park at the front of the house with space for 4 cars.
  • The car park is levelled tarmac on an incline.
  • There is street parking.
  • The main entrance door is 90cms wide, with a ramp.
  • Parking is 30 meters away from the entrance.
  • The entrance is reached through the car park via a path 3 meters wide, level and even.

Main Entrance & Reception

  • The entrance at the main door is 90cms wide with ramp. (Door hinged on the right)
  • The keyhole lock is 88cms high.
  • Main door leads into a conservatory 442cms by 200cms.
  • The inside door is 74cms.
  • Inside the front entrance is a hall 70cms by 158cms and corridor 80cms wide, which leads to the staircase.
  • The staircase has 13 steps to the first floor with landing. The stairs are 20cms high, 25cms deep and 70cms wide, with handrail to left. Landing 154ams by 160cms.

Dining Room

  • Door leading off main corridor 85cms wide. Second door leading from kitchen 80cms wide. Room 425cms by 390cms.
  • Rectangle extending dining table (Moveable) – legs on each corner, 60cms floor to lowest point of table (under space), 221cms long, 90cms wide and 74cms high.
  • Free space between table and walls is at least 120cms all around.
  • Chairs (moveable) 8 chairs with padded seats and no arms. There are a further 2 easy chairs, with arms.
  • There is a free space of 90cms by 90cms.
  • Flooring is short pile fitted carpet.
  • Furniture is moveable and all mixed and non-feathers.
  • Stereo with CD, radio and tape deck.


  • 2 doors, one leading from hall, 74cms wide and one leading from main corridor 86cms wide. Room 405cms by 715cms.
  • 1 double sofa, 1 three seater sofa, 2 easy chairs and 1 recliner provided with cushions.
  • Occasional tables and coffee table.
  • Free-sat – Sony Smart TV with remote controls.
  • Furniture is moveable and non-feather (1 double seater, 1 x 3 seater, 2 single seaters and one electric recliner.
  • There is free space of 250cms by 430cms.
  • Flooring is short pile fitted carpet.
  • Electric Fire
  • WiFi & land line. Tel: 01298 84255

Self-Catering Kitchen

  • Kitchen with dining area, door from corridor 79cms wide.
  • Worktop height 90cms.
  • Oven door is drop down, height of lowest shelf is 30cms.
  • Sink is 90cms high with cupboards underneath.
  • Hob is 90cms high and halogen.
  • Flooring is tiled.
  • At least 89cms free space between all furniture and worktops.
  • Evenly lit kitchen with spotlights above work surfaces where required.
  • Good contrast between floor, cupboards and other surfaces.
  • Fridge with large freezer available, highest shelf in fridge 112cms + Additional fridge
  • Dining table with extendable sides, 77cms wide, 138cms long.

Ground floor Shower room & WC

  • Door leading form conservatory 88cms wide
  • Open Shower cubicle 73cms wide, 115cms long with flexible head. Shower screen 49cms. Opening 67cms. Horizontal handrail 84cms high.  Shower door 48cms wide.
  • Hand basin 75 high
  • Space under wash basin is free (no vanity unit)
  • Toilet seat 40cms high. Handrail to the left.
  • Space to right of toilet 70cms, left of toilet 15cms .
  • Free space in shower room is 120cms by 115cms.
  • Flooring is tiled.


  • There is a separate laundry, down 10 steps, 26cms deep, 72cms wide and 20cms high in cellar. Door leading from hall 70cms wide.
  • Standard size washer, and separate dryer, which are front loading.

All Bedrooms

  • Non-feather duvets and mixed feather pillows provided.
  • Sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases are cotton
  • Cotton, bath and hand towels provided.
  • All beds moveable if more space is required to one side.
  • Fitted carpets throughout bedrooms and landing.
  • All bedrooms lead off 1st floor landing.

Bedroom 1 – on front

  • Door width 74cms.
  • 137cms double bed.
  • Bed height 60cms floor to top of mattress.
  • Room 409cms by 364cms.
  • Wash hand basin 82cms high, space under wash basin is free (no vanity unit)
  • Largest transfer space available to left or right of bed is 120cms.
  • Largest free space, clear of doors and furniture is 154cms by 120cms.

Bedroom 2 – on front

  • Door width 74cms
  • Twin beds.
  • Bed height 40cms floor to top of mattress.
  • Room 430cms by 400cms.
  • Corner shower cubicle and hand rail. 94cms
  • Largest free space, clear of doors and furniture is 280cms by 170cms.

Bedroom 3 – on back

  • Door width 74cms
  • 137cms double bed.
  • Bed height 60cms floor to top of mattress.
  • Room 345cms by 272cms.
  • Largest free space, clear of doors and furniture is 240cms by 60cms.

Bedroom 4 – on back – Extra cost

  • Door width 74cms
  • Twin beds
  • Bed height 60cms floor to top of mattress.
  • Room 420cms by 342cms.
  • Largest free space, clear of doors and furniture is 135cms by 235cms.

Upstairs Family Bathroom

  • Door 74cms wide, at the end of the landing
  • Bath height is 50cms. Integral bath rails available on both sides.
  • Free space in bathroom (free of doors and furniture) is 80smc by 78cms.
  • Toilet seat height 40cms.
  • Space to right and left of toilet is elbow room.
  • Flooring is lino.
  • Good colour contrast between floor, walls and furniture.
  • Hand basin 76cms high.
  • Space under washbasin is free (no pipes or vanity unit)

Grounds and Gardens

  • Medium sized grassed garden at rear of house on slight incline
  • Small flower bed garden at front
  • Garden seats and barbeque equipment.

 Additional information

  • Information folder is produced
  • Good 02 mobile phone reception.
  • Refuge bins available outside. Green – Garden waste, Blue – Recycling (plastic, glass, tins cardboard & paper), Black – General waste and small green bin – food waste.
  • Pets and service dogs are welcome (extra charge) – please inform us on booking.
  • Small village grocery shops and newsagents.
  • Heating – Oil central heating, storage heater and electric fire

Contact Information

  • Judith Flower
  • Heathcote Grange, Heathcote, Hartington, Nr Buxton, SK17 0AY
  • Tel: 01298 84918 / 07523 497602
  • Emergency contact on arrival day: Mobile: 07523 497602
  • Self catering house postal address: Victoria House, Hartington, Nr Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 0AT
  • Local public transport, buses leave from the village centre.
  • Local doctors: 01298 84315

We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve, if you have any comments please email:

All measurements are approximate